Flower, funeral or wedding floristry delivery

  • up to a 15km radius from Hörmannsdorf, free delivery for orders over €30.
  • greater than 15km radius from Hörmannsdorf, from order value 30€ on request.
  • Flower delivery
    • We offer you an uncomplicated delivery service. Regardless of the occasion, with a loving flower greeting
      you can't go wrong
      • Call 09492 906206 or via Whatsapp: +49 176 567 48439
      • Inquire about the desired flower arrangement.
      • Delivery adress (Important! And also important a person to received the flowers)
      • Notify delivery date
      • Payment by Paypal or bank transfer, payment by invoice possible for regular customers.
      • Flower arrangement is being delivered.
  • Delivery of wedding bowls, urn jewelry, coffin bouquets or mourning jewelry
    • We deliver our funeral bowls, urn decorations, coffin bouquets or funeral arrangements on the desired delivery date for funerals directly to cemeteries.
  • Delivery of wedding flowers
    • Your wedding flower decorations will of course be delivered by us. It goes without saying.